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Hi, I'm Charlotte, Creator of Sweet Petite FItness, a place where I can help women & Fit Pro's be their BEST selves!...

Personal trainer, Fitness Instructor, Online wellness and fitness coach, Business mentor, Entrepreneur....I could give you all the fancy titles but in reality I am just as normal as you...A girl on a journey to be her best self while trying to help others do the same along the way!

I spent most of my twenties trying to gain as many qualifications as I could thinking it would make me an expert in my field but if I'm going to be completely honest time, experience and my own personal fitness journey has helped me to help more women become the best version of themselves then any certificate ever could!

All you really need to know about me is I am here to help, support, motivate and give you the tools you need to be your BEST YOU!!!  Whether that's feeling good about YOU (via fitness, nutrition and mindset) or feeling confident in your business (building a Fit Biz that THRIVES or boosting your timetable by becoming a Groove-it Fit Instructor).

I am looking forward to watching you become YOU!...Lets start your journey together!

Love Charlotte x


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